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CenterPointLock™ 2-Pc Cut-to-Fit Flat Hollihesive™ Skin Barrier by Hollister


by Hollister Inc

Hollister CenterPointLock™ HolliHesive flat skin barrier - Cut-to-fit is a discreet wafer with the patented CenterPointLock™.

This exclusive feature that assures a secure attachment of the pouch to the skin barrier.

It prevents unintentional separation of the pouch from the skin barrier and is formulated for gentleness.

Eliminates pressure on tender post operative abdomens with the exclusive floating flange.

Confidence and security with the unique CenterPointLock™ feature.

Prevents unintentional pouch and skin barrier separation.

Item: HOL3707   size: .75" Stoma Size, 1.25" Flange Size   sold as a box of 5

Item: HOL3702   size: 1" Stoma Size, 1.75" Flange Size   sold as a box of 5

Item: HOL3703   size: 1.5" Stoma Size, 2.25" Flange Size   sold as a box of 5

Item: HOL3704   size: 2" Stoma Size, 2.75" Flange Size   sold as a box of 5

Item: HOL3706   size: 3.25" Stoma Size  sold as a box of 5