CareFor™ Deluxe Designer Print Reusable Quilted Wheelchair Pad

By Salk Company

The Carefor Deluxe Underpads control and absorb liquids in a wheelchair, regular chair setting, or bed.

The quilted design combined with the three-layer construction will not slip, ball or shift.

The top coating is a brushed polyester with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal finishes to wick fluid away while inhibiting bacterial growth

Holds 10 ounces of liquid without leaking.

Poly/rayon soaker absorbs and traps fluids while the PVC/polyester back sheet is totally waterproof and provides a non-slip surface.



Item: SAL1969GP  Reusable Underpad   size: 17" x 17"    color: Green Blue Plaid Printed    Sold as a pack of 2.

Item: SAL1960LP   Reusable Underpad   size: 23" x 36"    color: Floral Print Printed      Sold as 1 each.

Item: SAL1960GP  Reusable Underpad   size: 23" x 36"    color: Green Plaid Printed    Sold as 1 each.

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