Ca-Rezz Incontinent Antibacterial Skin Care Cream

by FNC Medical Corporation

Ca-Rezz Cream is a non-greasy antibacterial cream specially formulated to soothe skin and is ideal for use by anyone with extremely dry skin.

Reduces common germs that can cause painful rashes.

Enriched with Vitamin A, D, & E and aloe vera.

Non-greasy and easy to apply.

Leaves skin, clothing and bed linen clean as it's easy to wash off.

pH Balanced so it is kind to sensitive skin in the diaper area.

Moisturizes and leaves skin healthy, soft, and silky smooth adding comfort and protection.

Creates an antimicrobial barrier for open sores. 

Formulated with Triclosan and Nonoxynol-9 and contains allantoin for added moisture and protection.

Item: FN10204   size: 4 oz Tube

Item: FN10209   size: 9 oz Tube

Item: FN10208   size: 9.7 oz Jar

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