Bright Beginnings Pediatric Soy Drink Gluten-Free

by Bright Beginnings

This great-tasting, ready-to-drink supplement is especially designed and FDA approved to meet the nutritional needs of children aged 2 - 10 years old who are allergic to cow's milk protein, are lactose-intolerant, or follow a vegetarian diet. 

This formula may be used as a sole source of nutrition under the care of a physician or it may be given as a supplement for a picky eater. 

The soy protein is suitable for vegetarian, Kosher, lactose-free, and gluten-free diets. 

Individual serving in pop-top cans are ready for on the go kids. 

Each 8 ounce can is Vanilla flavored and has 237 calories per can.

The great taste children love that provides them 3 grams of dietary fiber, 32 mg of DHA Omega 3 for growth and development, and scFos prebiotics for immune support.

Item: PBM3500008004    Vanilla flavored.  Sold as 1 can each, Pack of 6 cans, or a Case of 24 cans.

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