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BOOST® Kid Essentials by Nestle



A specially designed formula for children ages 1 - 13, it delivers 25 essential vitamins and minerals and 7.1 grams of protein per serving.

The Boost formula is rich in calcium to help grow strong bones, and provides 100% of the Daily Recommended Intake for children 4 - 8 years of age for vitamin K per 1500 mL. 

May be consumed orally or used for tube feeding.

Lactose-free*, Gluten-free, Low-residue, Kosher. *Not for individuals with galactosemia.

For the Nutritional Management of: Failure to Thrive / Growth Failure; Gluten Intolerance / Celiac Disease / Lactose Intolerance; Inadequate Oral Intake / Reduced Appetite; Pre/Post-Surgery Injury/Trauma; Chronic Illness; Increased Energy Needs; Malnutrition; Weight Maintenance

Child-friendly packaging.

Item: NES33510000   flavor: Very Vanilla    237 calories per 237 mL (8 fl oz)    size: 8 fl oz Tetra Brik®    Sold as a case (27ct)

Item: NES33520000   flavor: Rich Chocolate    237 calories per 237 mL (8 fl oz)  size:  8 fl oz Tetra Brik®    Sold as a case (27ct).

Item: NES33530000    flavor: Creamy Strawberry    237 calories per 237 mL (8 fl oz)   size: 8 fl oz Tetra Brik®   Sold as a case (27ct)