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Bardex® Standard Tip 100% Silicone Foley Catheter- Various Sizes


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by Bard Urological

The Bardex 100% latex-free 100% silicone Foley catheter is available in a variety of French sizes and balloon sizes, including pediatric.

With 2 opposing eyes for optimum urine drainage.



All sold as 1 each.

Item: BRD165808    size: 8 Fr  3cc balloon  Pediatric length 12"

Item: BRD165810    size: 10 Fr  3cc balloon  Pediatric length 12"

Item: BRD165812    size: 12 Fr  5cc balloon  length: 16"

Item: BRD165814    size: 14 Fr  5cc balloon  length: 16"

Item: BRD165816    size: 16 Fr  5cc balloon  length: 16"

Item: BRD165818    size:18 Fr  5cc balloon  length: 16"

Item: BRD165820    size: 20 Fr  5cc balloon  length: 16"

Item: BRD165822    size: 22 Fr  5cc balloon  length: 16"

Item: BRD165824    size: 24 Fr  5 cc balloon  length: 16"

Item: BRD166816    size: 16 Fr  30cc balloon  length: 16"

Item: BRD166818    size: 18 Fr  30cc balloon  length: 16"

Item: BRD166820    size: 20 Fr  30cc balloon  length: 16"

Item: BRD166824    size: 24 Fr  30cc balloon  length: 16"