Bardex Lubricath Latex Coude Foley Catheter

by Bard Urological

Bard's Carson Model Lubricath Coude Foley Catheter has a Lubricath hydrophilic ploymer coating that reduces irritation of the mucosa in the urethra.  

This all minimizes encrustation.

The Medium Olive Coude Tip makes it easier to catheterize a curved urethra, or prostatic urethra.

2-way 5cc.

Single-use, contains LATEX. 

Item: BRD0168L12    size: 12 Fr    length: 16"   5cc Balloon

Item: BRD0168L14    size: 14 Fr    length: 16"   5 cc Balloon

Item: BRD0168L16    size: 16 Fr    length: 16"   5 cc Balloon

Item: BRD0168L18    size: 18 Fr    length: 16"   5cc Balloon

Item: BRD0168L20    size: 20 Fr    length: 16"   5cc Balloon

Item: BRD0168L22    size: 22 Fr    length: 16"   5cc Balloon

Item: BRD0168L24    size: 24 Fr    length: 16"   5 cc Balloon

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