Bard URO-PREP Foley Catheter Universal Insertion Tray


This Bilevel Universal Tray with choice of 10 cc or 30 cc pre-filled water syringe contains all the components necessary for a successful catheterization, without the foley catheter.

Sterile Contents:

-Pre-Filled Inflation Syringe With Sterile Water

-5 Rayon Balls

-2 oz Specimen Container and Label

-PVP Solution

-Plastic Forceps

-Powder-free, Latex-free Exam Gloves, one size

-5 gm Lubricant In Syringe



Item: BRD782100    size: 10 cc    Sold as 1 kit each.

Item: BRD782102    size: 30 cc    Sold as 1 kit each.

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