Attends® Super Absorbency Breathable Briefs


Attends Super Absorbency Breathable Briefs are for both men and women and give a tailored fit while protecting against leaks with a super absorbent polymer and cellulose fibers adding absorbency.

Air-comfort breathable side panels let air flow while the cloth-like inner liner and outer cover give comfort and discretion.

Triple-tier moisture locking includes pH and odor reducing fibers, a porous acquisition layer (excluding BRB50), and a super absorbent polymer make for super absorbency and odor control.

Comfort Flex-Tabs are soft and flexible while allowing you to fasten anywhere on the brief for precise fit. 


PNGBRB20    size: Medium    waist: 32" - 44"    Pack 24

PNGBRB25    size: Regular    waist: 44" - 56"  Pack 24

PNGBRB30    size: Large    waist: 44" - 58"  Pack 24

PNGBRB40    size: X-Large    waist: 58" - 63"    Pack 20


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