Attends® Poly Briefs


These Attends Briefs, or Adult Diapers, are good for both men and women and have a tailored fit to protect against heavy incontinence leaks.

With excellent wicking speed, fluid capacity, and leak protection, Attends Poly Briefs have a triple-tier moisture locking system: a porous absorbent layer rapidly absorbs fluids, a super absorbent polymer locks liquid away, and pH-reducing cellulose fibers prevent odor.

Poly Briefs come with a cloth-like inner liner, a Poly outer covering, and easy-fit tape tabs for easy re-fastening. 


PNGBR20    size: Medium    waist: 32" - 44"   Pack 24 or Case 96

PNGBR30    size: Large    waist: 44" - 58"   Pack 24 or Case 72

PNGBR40    size: X-Large    waist: 58" - 63"    Pack 20 or Case 60

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