Attends® Extra Absorbent Breathable Briefs


Attends® briefs contain the proven Rapid Lock System™, Perma-Dry® fibers, and the Breathable Brief design giving you skin wellness, dryness, odor control, and comfort.

Designed to fit both men and women with a tailored fit and full-coverage, air-comfort breathable side panels, a cloth-like inner liner and outer covering for comfort and discretion..

Odor pH-reducing fibers and a super absorbent polymer core channel prevent odor and lock away fluids.

Improved Comfort Flex-Tabs are soft and flexible, and can refasten anywhere on the brief - just PRESS the tab down firmly against the brief, then gently TUG sideways on the tab to reposition.

These Extra Absorbent Breathable Briefs are for moderate to heavy incontinence in daytime use or for those patients with little to no mobility.


PNGBRBX10    size: Small    waist: 20" - 32"    Pack 24 

PNGBRBX20    size: Medium    waist: 32" - 44"   Pack 24 

PNGBRBX30    size: Large    waist: 44" - 58"    Pack 24

PNGBRBX40    size: X-Large    waist: 58" - 63"    Pack 20 

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