Alpine Reusable Latex Leg Bag w/ Kraylex Odor Barrier

by Coloplast

The Alpine reusable leg bag with patented Kraylex odor barrier gives you superior odor protection while the large capacity provides versatility of use.

The textured and threaded fittings make for easy and secure attachment to drainage tubes.

The anti-reflux valve is for quick drainage with no backflow.

An attached anatomical suspensory loop attaches securely to the leg for the most comfortable and discreet fit.

The twist lock outlet valve lets you easily drain for an unrestricted flow.

Includes optional bottom outlet adapter with quick release shut-off that can be easily operated with just a fingertip. 

Item: MEN68004   Alpine Urinary Leg Bag  size: 26 oz. Vinyl

Item: MEN68001  Alpine Urinary Leg Bag   size: 32 oz. Vinyl

Item: MEN68007  Alpine Urinary Leg Bag   size: 44 oz Vinyl

Item: MEN68006L   Alpine Urinary Leg Bag with Offset Left Port   size: 44 oz  Vinyl

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