Aclaim 2 Nasal Mask for CPAP and Bi-level Ventilation


Packaged with all sizes to facilitate patient set-up.

Offers a unique glider mechanism that removes side-to-side leaks by permitting the headgear to move freely while the mask cushion holds in place.

The redesigned T piece has an optional locking position, which relieves pressure on the bridge of the nose.

The foam and silicone seal offer excellent comfort.

The diffuser eliminates draft and helps make the Aclaim 2 one of the quietest nasal masks on the market today.

Breathoprene headgear has been added to keep the Aclaim 2 cool and lightweight when in use.

FPKHC401A    Sold as 1 mask and straps each.

our price: $114.76
list price: $125.09
you save: $10.33!