image descriptionSupplies Medicaid Won't Cover

Medicaid is confusing.

Finnegan Medical Supply Can Help You Get the Rest

Often times Medicare and Medicaid covered items do not go the distance for your monthly needs. Or what you need isn't even covered.

That is what we at Finnegan Medical Supply are here to help with. 

We are in business to get you the medical supplies you need, along with the choices that you want, that your Medicaid/Medicare/insurance may or may not cover.

If you are paying out of pocket (high deductibles, lack of choice at the local place, etc) or you are needing products so you can remain living safely at home, like the Dragon Reacher, Bath Safety Grab Bars, or Ensure Plus, that are not covered by any insurance, you will want to shop with a reputable wholesale medical vendor like Finnegan Medical Supply.  

Popular Items Needed Beyond Medicare/Medicaid:


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