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Blenderm Tape

Product arrived in a few days. Very satisfied with product and quick service.

Tenderskin Hypoallergenic Paper Tape

Very functional

No problems. Bag has large capacity. Measurements seem precise

ConvaTec AllKare Adhesive Remover Wipe

I use this wipe for many different things. It does take adhesive off of the skin without irritation and I have used it to get stains out also.

Nestle Resource Beneprotein Instant Protein Powder

Exceptional product

Very neatly packed. Does the job perfectly fine. Quality of the kit is very good.

It's Just about perfect

Arrived Right on time and this tape is just about perfect

Hypafix Dressing Retention Tape

I am so glad that I can get it from you. I like the size better than the size I was getting.

All-in-One Steel Frame Commode

First time ordering

I was a first time shopper. The product was great. Shipping was extra fast. I plan on shopping with them as long as I can. Thanks!πŸ™‚

They do what they are supposed to do.


Works great , holds large amount

Deluxe Plastic Urinal

Better than I thought.vwas expecting to see thinner plastic. Very satisfied.

Tranquility Select Personal Care Bladder Pads

According to the information on the web these Tranquility Select Personal Care Bladder Pads # 2880 Light or suppose have these measurement 10.5 x 5.5" . The ones I received or 3 x 9" and or not suitable for a male .

These are very easy to use compared to others I have used and Finnegan Medical are the best. I ordered them and they were delivered the next day.


little bit to small


Transpore tape adheres beautifully!

Exceeded our expectations!

The product arrived On timeπŸ™πŸ½


Excellent service & affordable prices

Hollister Ostomy Drainable Pouch Clamps

AMSure Silicone Coated 2-Way Foley Catheter

Great products

This is a great price for the product. Exactly what I needed

Small Base Steel Quad Cane

Fritz handle cane

This cane is very lightweight and nice looking. It works well for me when my back was hurting, to stand from sitting position, and keep me steady when I walked.

Stander 30 inch Pivoting Safety Bed Rail With Padded Pouch

Works well