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Sock helper

It the device was 6 inchs higher so I could reach the handles would make it much better. Do to the fact im unable to bend it's pretty hard to reach the handles to pull the socks on. Once I manage to get my foot into the sock and I'm able to get a hold of the handles it works great

Thank you it was great. Just putting in another order.❤️

Finnegan Medical a lifesaver

Couldn't get osmolite 1.5 anywhere. Finnegan got them to us the very next day. Will definitely use them again when running low. Thank you.

Got wrong product

I ordered banana pediasure and was sent vanilla. My son has autism and won’t drink anything but banana. I reached out to the company twice with no response. Now I’m stuck paying for a whole case of pediasure I can’t use. Terrible customer service. I won’t be ordering from this website again.

Swift service with excellent products!

Easy Cath Catheter-Sterile

Front pocket straps is in the wrong place

The bag looks like a good bag but the front zipper pocket that holds his Infinity pump the strap is sewed up too high and it's in the wrong place and it won't hold his pump in place so now I have to modify the bag my self so the pump will stay in place that's the only downfall to this bag. For the price I had to pay which was $119 you think the strap would be in the correct spot specially since it's a moog bag for an Infinity pump

Hollister m9 Odor Eliminator Spray

I did not order this product. I ordered the drops to put in an ostomy. I was sent an air spray instead. The company had to reorder and send me what I asked for. I have never used the air spray.

On time and works as anticipated.

Feeding Tube AMT Clamp Device by AMT

Great product!

Very pleased with the over night pads!


They are the best I’ve found. Absorbent and discreet. My only wish is that the had a little more coverage in the back. Sometimes they creep up and become uncomfortable.

CURITY Youth Training Pant Pullups


Nice for emergencies

Deluxe Plastic Urinal


The product arrived quickly. It does NOT burn on open sores.

Nice item

I needed oxygen mask when my nose clogs up and can’t use a cannula. I found these mask here and they are great quality and just what I needed.

Keeps you dry

If for some reason I cannot make it to the bathroom and have a large discharge, the Attends absorb the accident and does not leak on my chair or clothes. It is amazing how confident I have become and do a lot less laundry because the Attends keeps me dry. Five star item.

Prevail Per-fit 360° Adult Brief


Insertion was smooth, easy and painless. Hardly knew it was in there. Thank you very much.


wasnt what i thought it was going to be.

Pole syringe

Exactly what was needed