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Save Your Customers’ Money, Earn Something for Yourself

As a nurse, case manager, social worker, and more, you have a large audience from which to purchase incontinence supplies, gloves, catheters, and skin ointments. We understand that many times, people stick with what they know, and when it comes to buying cash medical supplies for your patient, you want them to get the best deal.

But what about you, as the referral source? What do those other companies give you?

Finnegan Medical Supply is an online medical supply retailer. We sell medical supplies to nurses, case managers, assisted living facilities, caregivers, and directly to patients who pay, or who you help pay, securely by credit card or PayPal. Finnegan Medical Supply is a sister company to a long-standing prescription medical supply company.  While the rules are different, our experience is not.

Why Use FMS?

Free, Fast shipping. A wide-range of “same day shipped” available products. Ordering available online or by toll-free number. Kind and experienced customer service. When you shop with Finnegan Medical Supply, not only do we take care of your customers, we take care of you.

Once you are approved for our rebate program, you will receive a Discount Code for you to use on your next purchase. This code is shareable and gives you the credit for the referral! Every purchase made on your code nets you a Quarterly Rebate check mailed to you because of how we can track your referrals.


Step 1: Apply for our rebate program below by entering in your information

Step 2: We review to determine if you are eligible for the Rebate Program

Step 3: Once approved, you will receive an email with your rebate code. 

Step 4: Use your code to purchase supplies for your patients or share it with your patients and the families you work with. Your rebate code is also a COUPON CODE for 10% off!

Step 5: After your first use, you will receive an email with your rebate balance and then after 3 months you will receive your first check!

Below is the breakdown of how the rebate is calculated. It is calculated monthly, so if your referral code receives $1,200 worth of sales in one month your rebate would be 9% or $108.

We want to answer your questions! Please email us at and we will get back to you ASAP.

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