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Getting the right product and the right fit can be time consuming. Sam is a certified Continence Coach and can help you get the right fit and the right product the first time. Call her today or request a call back.


Below you will see a list of the products we can offer samples of. Each order of samples is only $3!







Attends Discreet Absorbent Pads(ADPTHIN,ADPMOD,ADPULT)

Attends Underwear Extra Absorbency (AP0720, AP0730, AP0740)

Attends Bariatric 2XL Absorbent Underwear (AU50)

Attends Overnight Absorbent Underwear (APPNT20, APPNT30, APPNT40)

Attends Heavy Absorbent Briefs (BRBX10)

 Attends Belted Undergarments (BU0600)



SureCare Absorbent Protective Underwear (1605,1615,1625,1630)

Covidien Simplicity Disposable Adult Quilted Briefs (65033,65034,65035)

Covidien Wings Choice Plus Quilted Briefs (66032,66033,66034,66035)

Covidien Wing XXL Bariatric Adult Briefs (67093)

Uniguard Pant Liners (6426)



Prevail Bladder Control Liners & Light Pads (PV926, PV930)

Prevail Moderate Absorbency Pads (BC012, BC013)

Prevail Maximum Absorbency Pads (PV916, PV915)

Prevail Ultimate Absorbency Pads (PV923)

Prevail Overnight Absorbency Pads (PVX120)

Prevail Per-Fit Protective Underwear for Women (PFW512,PFW513,PFW514)

Prevail Per-Fit for Men Protective Underwear (PFM512,PFM513,PFM514)

Prevail Protective Adult Underwear Super Absorbency (PV511,PV517)

Prevail Underwear for Women (PWC512,PWC513,PWC514)

Prevail Underwear for Men(PUM512,PUM513)

Prevail Overnight Adult Absorbent Underwear for Women (PWX512,PWX513,PWX514)

Prevail Overnight Adult Absorbent Underwear for Men (PMX512,PMX513)

Prevail Heavy Absorbent Adult Briefs (PV011)

Prevail Per-fit 360° Adult Brief ( PFNG-012, PFNG-013, PFNG-014)

Prevail Bariatric Brief A, Up to 73" (PV017)

Cutie Pants Refastenable Training Pants (CR7007, CR8007, CR9007,CR7008,CR8008,CR9008)

Prevail Male Guards (PV811)

Prevail Standard Absorbency Underpads (UP150)



McKesson Heavy Absorbency Adult Disposable Underwear (UWBXL,UWBXXL)

Mckesson Disposable Moderate Absorption Underpads (UPMD2336,UPMD3030)



TENA Very Light Liners (56300)

TENA Intimates Light Long Thin Bladder Pads (54344)

TENA Heavy Absorbency Bladder Pad (47709)

TENA Dry Comfort Adult Protective Underwear (72422,72423,72424)

TENA 2XL Absorbent Underwear (72517)

 TENA Dry Comfort Adult Brief-Medium Absorbency (67620,67640,67650)



Swimmates Adult Disposable Swimwear (2844,2845,2846,2847,2848)

Tranquility OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear (2113,2114,2115,2116,2117,2118)

Tranquility All-Through-the-Night Disposable Brief (2183,2184,2185,2186,2187)

Tranquility SlimLine Disposable Brief (2112,2166,2120,2122,2132,2134)

Tranquility XL + Bariatric Disposable Brief (2190)

Tranquility HI-Rise Bariatric Absorbent Brief (2192)

Tranquility AIR-Plus Bariatric Brief (2195)

Tranquility TopLiner Booster Pad&Contour Pads (2072,2070,2060,3096)