image descriptionClean Booties Initiative

 Clean Booties Initiative


Finnegan Medical Supply and Finnegan Health Services has been providing incontinence supplies to families since 1984. We know how important these products are for maintaining healthy lives and a high quality of life. There are some federal programs that help provide diapers for those in need, but there is still a LOT of need for diapers and incontinence supplies.


The problem is especially tough for single moms, who tend to already be among the most economically vulnerable.


Nearly 41 percent of female-headed households with children under age 18 were living below the poverty line, according to the Census Bureau. That compares to a little less than 9 percent of married-couple families with kids under 18.

This is why we have decided to launch our holiday Clean Booties Initiative as a way to help those in need this holiday season.

Clean Booties Initiative Infographic


This is where YOU can help! We are going to match every purchase you make and donate diapers to those in need!



For every $10 in incontinence products* you purchase we will match it with five (5) diapers for children in need.

Help us make this a great holiday season for those in need. We know you can purchase your incontinence supplies anywhere, but you buy from us because of our customer service, price, and selection. Now you have another reason, helping out those in need.


*includes bladder pads, pullups, underpads, tape-on, and wipes.