What medical supplies will I need as a pregnant or postpartum mother?

(Please note that the products cited for examples below may not be available forever from the manufacturer and if this is the case, our customer service will gladly find you a comparable replacement.)

If you have recently given birth, or if you are about to give birth, your body will have noticeably different incontinence and bleeding needs than ever before.  These are all perfectly normal and come because of the added weight of the baby on the bladder leading to stress incontinence, defined as the loss of urine unintentionally during physical movement, laughing, sneezing, or coughing, as well as the normal loss of blood after labor, which occurs for 2-6 weeks whether you have had a vaginal or cesarean delivery.

If you’ve had a baby before, you know that you will need to change your pad every 1-2 hours, as well as protect any sitting surfaces just in case.   It’s much easier to prevent a stain than to clean one up later!  If you are still pregnant, you know that even a panty-liner can make a big difference in how fresh you feel during the day.  These are all a temporary part of the pregnancy process and we are here to help you remain confident, clean, and in the convenience of your own home! 

As a pregnant woman, wearing a panty-liner or a thinner pad can help you feel clean throughout the day, especially the later in pregnancy you go.  The Poise Panty-liner Very Light Absorbency is an excellent style of panty-liner for daily use and can be used at the earliest signs of any kind of leaks to the end of your pregnancy.  Since it is short in length and thin, it will not feel like you have anything on. 



As you move further into your pregnancy, and your baby grows, you might need a thicker pad to help with ongoing stress incontinence.  The TENA Serenity Bladder Control Pads Ultra Thin is a great option that offers the absorbency of a thicker pad in a thin pad.  As a pregnant woman, you will have enough on your mind. Leaks should not be one of them!


After your baby is born, your body will be changing hourly.  Part of these changes is the loss of fluid and blood.  It is highly recommended that you have a stockpile of thick postpartum, or maternity, pads before you arrive home because while the hospital might send you home with some, the amount will probably only last the first day.  The main difference between most incontinence pads and postpartum pads is that incontinence pads are designed to wick all fluid from you.  This can cause problems for some women after labor because your vaginal areas can be swollen, tender, and sore.  The wicking can also take away some of the natural lubrication you need for comfort.  A maternity pad is more simply designed to absorb without much wicking if any.  This gives you the most comfort while you heal.  The Organic Maternity Pads with Wings or Covidien Versalon Peri-Pad are both excellent options for postpartum mothers.  They will absorb without wicking.  This means you will have to change them more frequently, which you will probably need to do anyway, but it will not cause your delicate skin to dry out.


Other recommended items for postpartum moms are bed pads/chux, bathroom and cleansing wipes, and a sitz bath, among other things.  The Apex Healthcare Sitz Bath Set, Prevail Disposable Washcloths or TENA Washcloths, for example, and the Convatec Aloe Vesta Perineal Skin Cleanser are all great items to have in your bath when you return home.  These items can all speed healing, make cleaning easier, and give you comfort.  We also recommend an underpad/chux for your chairs and bed.  These can absorb sweat, blood, or any leaks you might experience as a new mom.  While it may not be a pretty site, underpads work very well to keep your surfaces clean.  The TENA® Sure Stay Underpad is a great option because the backing material clings to the surface where you are sitting without adhesives, and when you want a fresh pad, just throw the old one away.


While you are shopping for your own supplies, have you seen our Infant and Children section?  Along with your own supplies, you will also need baby diapers like Huggies Snug & Dry Disposable Diapers, wipes like Huggies® Natural Care Baby Wipes Tub, and diaper cream like A & D Protective Ointment, among other things.  We can provide you all of your needs shipped together straight to your door!

POSTED ON: January 31 2013
Posted by:Su-Lauren Wilson owner,CFO
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