What is the role of a medical supply vendor such as Finnegan Medical Supply?

Today's news is filled with hot-button keywords like Obamacare, private option, Medicare privatization, among other headache inducing topics.  While it's true that healthcare is changing in America, there are many aspects that will remain constant.  If you use medical supplies daily, like diabetic strips, or catheters, you need these supplies to function.  So who are the companies selling them and how have they changed?

As a medical supply vendor, Finnegan Medical Supply is in business to get you the medical supplies you need, along with the choices that you want, that your insurance may or may not cover. We, like most vendors, are one of the spokes of the American healthcare wheel.  For many people, the wheel can turn without us, as many people do not need medical supplies to live.  But for those who do, the wheel gets wobbly if there's not a reliable vendor who knows the business.  Businesses like ours either accept insurance or don't, for covered products.  Usually the options stop there.

And if you have talked with your doctor about how certain medical supplies are necessary because you have bladder cancer, or gestational diabetes, then you can not put off receiving these supplies.  In every state, there are local medical suppliers, and if you are billing insurance, we highly recommend you speak to one of them.  Depending on your insurance and the products needed, you will have your choice of vendor, unless, thanks to Competitive Bidding, you don't. (I will discuss the new role of Medicare's Competitive Bidding and how it's ruining your options next time).

But if you are paying out of pocket (high deductibles, lack of choice at the local place, etc) or you are needing products so you can remain living safely at home, like the Reacher, Bath Safety Grab Bars, or Ensure Plus, that are not covered by any insurance, you will want to shop with a reputable wholesale medical vendor like Finnegan Medical Supply.  

Got questions about your medical supplies or your current vendor?  Contact us through our Live Chat feature.  We are happy to help.

POSTED ON: February 04 2014
Posted by:Su-Lauren Wilson owner,CFO
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