What are Aids to Daily Living and how can they help me?

If you are living independently and are older, or have a disability, or perhaps you live alone and just need help sometimes without bothering the neighbor, Aids to Daily Living (also referred to as ADLs) can greatly benefit your life.  A broad category, Aids to Daily Living include all sorts of items that can make living easier.  You do not have to have arthritis, poor vision, or bad mobility to need these products, although there are plenty of items for you if you do.

An example of a classic ADL is an arm extender like the PikStik® Pro Reacher.  From sitting or standing, this item can be used to grab anything out of your reach.  It is invaluable for those in wheelchairs but is also a great tool if you are unsteady on a step stool.  An item similar in idea is the Dressing Aid Stick by Mabis DMI.  This helps you be more independent by holding your clothing while you dress. 

There are many ADLs to help with your medication as well.  The ACU-LIFE® Pill Splitter, Crusher, & Pillbox or the NexDose® Digital Medication Assistant were designed to help you to take your medication in the timely, prescribed manner.  These items are all designed to be used by either you or your caretaker and are wonderful tools to aid your memory.

Some ADLs are designed for a more specific person in mind.  If you have suffered from stroke or have arthritis, items like the Invacare® Bendable Utensils and The “Independence” 2-Handle Plastic Mug Cup are designed to make living easier through modern products.  You don’t have to have a caretaker on hand to eat or drink with these, giving you one more way to live independently. 

Lastly, there are a wide range of bath safety products that also fall under this category.  If you are looking exclusively for bath safety products, visit our link here.

POSTED ON: February 20 2013
Posted by:Su-Lauren Wilson owner,CFO
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