Using a prompt helps everyone who suffers Bladder issues

The idea might seem a bit too much like potty training a toddler, but a 31 month study in Hong Kong shows that prompted voiding, or PV, is a beneficial way to prevent major urinary incontinence "accidents" and full voids.  Science Daily lists the study here, but in a nutshell, it says that the elderly, aged 65 and up, who suffer from urinary incontinence showed a marked improvement in their incontinence issues, increased dignity, and improvement in life, when they were given a reminder to go to the bathroom.

Urinary incontinence, from severe full loss of bladder control, to stress incontinence (what many women suffer after childbirth), is a serious dignity issue.  It is hard to not be embarrassed if you have accidents.  It can ruin your clothes, your chair or bed, your day.  It is no wonder that an initiative for seniors would want to find a way to make everyone's life better, including the caregivers'.  

So how do we take this idea of the PV and apply it to everyone?  A PV is a great way to keep the bladder from becoming too full and straining the muscles that hold it all in.  One way to work a PV into your daily routine is to use the restroom before eating and drinking and no more than 30 minutes afterwards.  It is also a good idea to set a routine for consuming enough water and then using the restroom afterwards.  This keeps the urinary system clean of bacteria that can be especially troublesome to the elderly.  

I say this applies to everyone because even Baby Boomers have such active lives sometimes that we don't make time to go to the bathroom until it's almost too late.  And we could all probably drink more water.  If you are interested in bladder products, visit our Incontinence section, for a full listing of bladder pads, disposable underwear, and more.

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POSTED ON: January 15 2014
Posted by:Su-Lauren Wilson owner,CFO
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