The Ultimate Catheter Guide

The internet is a vast place. If you are looking for information on certain topics, you could go days before you found what you really needed. We have compiled a list of trusted resources, ourselves included, who know all there is to know about urinary catheter supplies. Let us know if we forgot any resources, and we will make sure to add them in a future post.

Urinary Catheter Basic Information:

1. The History of Catheters 

What better place to start than a history lesson about the urinary catheter. Trust us when we say it's a good thing that catheter design has evolved over the years.

2. Four Steps to Prevent Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections 

Preventing CAUTIs starts with the caregiver/medical professional. If you don't see them practicing sanitary hand-washing, you don't want them inserting your urinary catheter.

3. Self-Catheterization: Practice Makes Perfect 

Using a catheter for the first time by yourself is daunting. We've written a compact guide to make self-cathing easier and less worrisome.

Foley Catheters:

1. A step-by-step guide to Foley catheter insertion and in-home care from one patient’s perspective.

This guide was written by a person with direct experience using indwelling catheters. Written to inform but also to ease the minds of other catheter users, this guide is top notch and will help set your expectations of life with a Foley.

2. One man’s experience with a Foley catheter because of an enlarged prostate. 

A man rushes to the emergency room one night, because he can't urinate. He then goes on to give his experience with Foley catheter insertion and removal. [Note: includes anatomical images in some posts]

3. How are Foley Catheters Used to Induce Child Labor? 

The side of catheters that you may not know. Foley catheters are used to dialate the cervix, without medication, when labor is slow to progress on its own. 

The Male External, or Condom, Catheter:

1. Will a Male External Catheter Help my Bladder Leaks? 

Many people think catheters are only used internally. A male external catheter, or condom catheter, may be the solution for many men's urinary troubles.

2. Solutions for Urinary Incontinence in Men after Prostate Surgery 

A simple anatomy lesson for men who find themselves incontinent after removal of the prostate.

3. The Deal on Condom Catheters and Post-Prostatectomy Urinary Incontinence 

A urologist chooses condom catheters over adult diapers for his incontinence after his prostate surgery.

SuLauren Wilson is the founder of Finnegan Medical Supply, an online medical supply store based in Little Rock, Ark. She blogs regularly on issues affecting the company’s patients. Although, she has many years of experience in the healthcare industry, she is not a licensed medical professional, and the content of her posts should not be considered medical advice.

POSTED ON: September 10 2014
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