The Sale of Marijuana is Now Legal in Colorado. Your Thoughts?

First it was pharmaceutical sales in Colorado, now it's recreational sales- marijuana is completely legal to buy and sell (with a license mind you), in Colorado.  

As of press time, 20 states in the Union allow the sale of medicinal marijuana from a medical dispensary to a person with a prescription.  For those who feel marijuana is a wonder drug, the hoops were worth it.  But those who wanted to smoke some pot for fun still had to go to their trusted dealer and deal with a scenario out of the movie The Pineapple Express, or Up In Smoke.  Funny in the movies but a potential pain in real life.

Welcome to the 2010s Baby Boomers!  We go to the pot store now, before a stop at Whole Foods, and after a stop at Starbucks.  What a difference some decades makes?

This great experiment, a complete 180 from Prohibition, is being loosely or closely watched (depending on the source) by the Department of Justice and the Obama Administration.  Will there be more car accidents?  Domestic violence?  A surge in organic gardening and drum circles?  All humor aside, the potential of a society who allows legal recreational drug use isn't really known.  And the world is watching.

What are your thoughts on legal marijuana and what is your age?

POSTED ON: January 02 2014
Posted by:Su-Lauren Wilson owner,CFO
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