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POSTED ON: January 30 2014
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The difference between other medical suppliers and Finnegan Medical Supply

If a loved one ended up in the hospital and needed a wheelchair, you could probably identify one company that carried them.  

But what if your loved one needed wound care for a diabetic ulcer, or incontinence briefs and chux while tending a broken leg, or urinary catheters?  These items aren't sold over the counter at a chain drug store. Would you know where to go?

Many medical supply companies sell to the public but you might have to buy items by the case of 500 or if you want your health insurance to pay, you will definitely have to provide copious amounts of medical records.  These types of wholesale medical suppliers are found nationwide, as well as the smaller mom and pop brick and mortar shops with dusty, outdated equipment or non-existent inventory.  Many medical suppliers have jumped on the bandwagon recently after the Affordable Care Act was enacted and are struggling to keep up with consumers who demand accountability.

Finnegan Medical Supply is not like the rest.  Our parent company, Finnegan's Inc, has been in business as a medical supplier since 1984 providing medical supplies, first, to Arkansas Children's Hospital, and now also to the rest of the nation.  We have built our business on knowledge, experience, and credibility.  In a world of constantly changing rules and regulations, we keep up with our education.

We also keep up with what is new and trending in medical supplies, whether it's the sleek look of Nova Medical Supplies, or the dependability of Depend brand bladder products.

If you haven't already, shop Finnegan Medical Supply.  Use the coupon NY2014 to get you started with 10% off your total order.  

We promise a positive experience and all the products you need for your best life.