The Baby and the Colostomy: Preemie Babies 101 gives you the answers


At The Prescription Pad, we’re proud of our content. We try to create original, informative material, because we’ve found a large void in the world of medical information ... a gap between anecdotal stories and expert advice.

Sometimes, though, other people just do it better. 

While sitting down to write a post on "children and ostomies," we came across this piece from Bea, who blogs at Preemie Babies 101. After reading it, we decided to give up writing our own story and simply encourage you to read hers.

"10 Tips for Your Baby’s Colostomy Care" is informative, heartfelt, and real. Bea is both a nurse and the mother of a child who required a colostomy at two days old. She has been there with the skin issues (especially true with a newborn’s skin), the loose stool (also especially true of a newborn), and the difficulty of changing a squirmy child’s bag (her son kept his colostomy until he was nine months old). 

Bea writes from the perspective of a mother and a nurse, and that gives her voice authority that you won’t find in many other places. Her writing offers strength, courage, and useful tips. This should be required reading for the parents of newborn ostomates.

I hope you share her story so that her blog will reach the people who need it. 

Note: The Prescription Pad is always looking for interesting, medically minded, and well-written blogs to share with our audience. Contact us if you’d like us to consider yours!

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POSTED ON: September 18 2014
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