The 5 Bath Safety Products You Must Own

The Top 5 Bath Safety Products

Accidents happen in the bathroom at alarming rates.  It doesn't matter what age you are or if you live at home or in an assisted living situation.  Don't fall and break a hip if it is preventable!  Bath safety products have come a long way in terms of looks and comfort.  They can help make the bath more spa like than hospital like and you will definitely notice the difference in your confidence in bathing yourself at home.

We have compiled a list of the top 5 bath safety products that we feel every person should own.  The order isn't important, but you will notice a difference and peace of mind with adding each piece depending on your physical needs and abilities.

1. Rubber Bath Mat

A rubber bath mat will give your feet more grip in the tub to help you from slipping.  They are perfect for children to adults and for those who sit all the way into the tub or those who sit on the edge (please don't do that) or use a transfer bench.  They are easy to clean with a bleach wipe or you can throw them into the washing machine if necessary.

2. Grab Bars 18” Wall Grab Bar by Nova Medical

Grab bars come in various lengths and colors.  They are either drilled into your wall or they use industrial suction cups to stick to shower board or the tub's edge.  Grab bars can be placed along the walls near or across from the toilet, the bath tub or shower, along the entrance to the bath, anywhere you need them to help pull yourself up or along.  If installed correctly, grab bars are an incredibly safe way to remain at home safe and sound.

3. Bedside Commode / Toilet Seat Lift / Toilet Lift Rails

I have bundled these three together because they all involve sitting down on and getting up from the toilet.  I tell people this all the time, "A bedside commode does not only have to stay next to the bed."  A bedside commode could go in every room of the house if you need it too!  If you suffer from incontinence, and don't want to wear incontinence supplies like diapers, then quick access to the toilet is essential.  Or perhaps you can make it to the toilet, but arthritis prevents you from sitting down or getting up comfortably.  Toilet lifts and rails are extremely helpful, easy to clean, and make your life better.

4. Handheld Shower Sprayer

A handheld shower spray is an essential medical supply to keep you living at home safely.  These easily screw onto your existing faucet head bringing the water to you so you don't have to bend, reach, and accidentally fall in the tub or shower.  Make sure the length is long, like 5-8 feet long.  Not too long to get tangled up in, but you want the sprayer to reach from the faucet to where you are without pulling or you having to bend over or reach.  That would defeat the purpose!

Carex® Bathtub Transfer Bench5. Bath Bench / Bath Transfer Bench / Bath Transfer Board / Shower Chair

Once again I have bundled several similar products together.  These products, while different, all serve the same purpose of providing you a seat while bathing.  The benches have legs both inside the tub and outside the tub.  You sit on the outer edge and scoot over until you are in the tub.  These benches come with arms, no arms, backs, and no backs depending on what you need and want.  The Transfer boards are similar to the transfer benches except they have no legs.  The boards lay over the edges of the tub.  They are not as secure but also don't take up much room.  The shower chairs are chairs or stools that usually take up more room for comfort and work in free-standing showers (not shower/tub combos).  If you can rest while you bathe, you are less likely to fall in the bath or shower.  These chair-like products are designed for water and will not rust, are easy to clean, and are sturdy and secure.

Keep yourself safe in the bath starting today.  Accidents don't take a day off and at a medical supply company like Finnegan Medical Supply, you can get all 5 of these items for a great price with Free Shipping.

POSTED ON: April 14 2014
Posted by:Su-Lauren Wilson owner,CFO
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