Test Medicare

Well wouldn't we all like to know?

In the world of changing healthcare, wouldn't you love a simple one word answer to the question, "Does my Medicare cover this?"  I apologize, but it's not happening here and the reasons are many and complex, or not.  Don't you love American healthcare?

To begin, let me explain how DME, or Durable Medical Equipment, is sold.  DME medical supplies, if you want your insurance to pay for them, require a prescription signed by a doctor under a billable diagnosis code.  It works fine but it works at the system's pace, meaning, those who are in a time crunch have to wait for the doctor to issue and sign the Rx, send medical records, sign the consent forms, bill insurance, collect the copay amount, and more before the company can even order in the product.  You don't get to pick the brand and you don't get to pick the look.  You will get what is covered and that is that.  Seeming bells and whistles, such as a cushion for your walker or a one-piece urostomy pouch, while extremely helpful to you, are generally not covered. Carex® Bathtub Transfer Bench First Quality® Prevail® Belted Shields

Did you know Medicare does not pay for Incontinence Pads or Incontinence products for men or women?  Even though most people over 55 have experienced or will experience some degree of incontinence in their life.

Did you know Medicare does not pay for any Bath Safety products like Bedside Commodes or Tub Transfer Benches?  Even though 60% off all accidents in the home happen in the bathroom, Medicare simply does not pay for any item that is related to the bathroom.  They will cover the hip you need replacing after you fall in the bath though!

Did you know Medicare does not guarantee payment for many mobility products like walkers, rolling walkers, scooters, and accessories?  You could take the product home with you to just get a bill for the whole amount.  This happens to people all the time and is perfectly legal. Stander™ BedCane With Organizer


Sometimes the best thing to do is to find the product you want and go from there.  If you want a specific kind of bariatric brief because it fits in a specific way, you can call your local supplier, or you can search for bariatric supplies online.  You may be suprised that the prices online are less expensive than the wait and the hassel would be.  Or you can wait and see if possibly, maybe your Medicare will pay for what you need.

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POSTED ON: March 24 2014
Posted by:Su-Lauren Wilson owner,CFO
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