Sugar is The Enemy and How You Beat It

Revered medical practitioner Dr. Oz has had to eat his words about sugar lately, among many other diet and nutrition topics.

Too much sugar in the diet causes diabetes, the fastest growing health problem in America.  Diabetes leads to obesity, incontinence, heart disease, and on and on.

If you have a loved one shopping for bariatric supplies and it's because of Type II Diabetes, you must read this post.  It is one of many that we will write, as it is a topic we are passionate about.XBACK Solution ES Back Brace

Americans can not get over the health hump and out of the health slump if we continue to eat sugar and processed carbs, eat artificial sweeteners, and don't read nutrition labels.

Shopping for incontinence supplies?  You've come to the right place.  We have incontinence supplies to suit your every need.  But have you talked to your doctor about why you need these supplies?  

If you are overweight, exercise, especially abdominal work, can strengthen your pelvic floor, easing bladder leak issues.  Have you had a diabetes screen?  Increased thirst and increased urination are two of many warning signs for diabetes.

You see, Finnegan Medical Supply is not just about selling you discount medical supplies.  We have the products you need to live your best life, and we always will.  But more than anything, we want to help our national communities live healthier lives.

If you follow any of our social medias, you will see that we are constantly discussing new medical technologies, fitness ideas, healthy recipes, and more.  That is because our core mission is not to sell you something.  It is to educate you and provide you information about various health topics and the medical supplies to ease any issues within those topics.Prodigy Autocode® Talking Blood Glucose Monitoring System

We started as a community pharmacy in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1984.  As long as we were there, we were always heavily involved in the community- sponsoring health fairs, community programs, and clinics.  

Community health is important to us.  You are important to us.

It is why we are currently working on a e-book for caregivers and are seeking information from the community leaders in social media on how we can best serve them.

How can we help you?  We hope our blog post about sugar is a start.  

POSTED ON: June 26 2014
Posted by:Su-Lauren Wilson owner,CFO
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