Suddenly a Caregiver? These Videos Make it Easier

If you are looking for wholesale medical supplies, chances are pretty good that you have a caregiver or loved one who checks in on you from time to time, or you are the caregiver who needs information on what to do, safety practices, cleanliness and sanitation procedures, nutrition and diet, and daily living.

Caregivers can be paid or free, in-home help, assisted living help, neighbors, or family.  There is no true definition to what a caregiver is except a person who is there to help.  Since anyone can be a caregiver, and could end up being a caregiver without much warning in an emergency, we feel it is important to share a video series of caregiving videos.

In looking through YouTube for caregiver videos, we found this series, Caregiver College by the accredited  Caregiver College identifies issues such as incontinence and using incontinence supplies, keeping your back safe, from strain and injury, while doing patient transfers, calorie intake and nutrition that is proper for each age range, and more.

The first video is a short introduction video to all of the topics.

Did you know that "Nearly one out of every four households in the U.S. (23% or 22.4 million households) is involved in caregiving to persons aged 50 or over."  

That number is a realistic look at where our nation is heading if we don't start preparing.  We all have loved ones nearby that we could take care of and, if finances aren't put in order sooner than later, we may all be taking care of that person over moving them to live in assisted living.  

A caregiver can keep your loved one living their best life at home longer, but caregivers are not just hired hands.  They become trusted advisors and almost part of the family.  They are the ones who will order your catheter supplies and help you insert the urinary catheters.  They will help feed and clothe you.  They will ensure that your physical home needs are also taken care of (paying utilities, yard maintenance, etc).  Some caregivers work on shifts and some work round the clock.  You will help decide how much care you need.

The second video is about nutrition and diet, including the use of nutritional supplements like Ensure.  The information on calorie counts for men and women is worth the watch alone!

And the third video is about oral hygiene and dental care.  These videos are a good place to start with the most basic of caregiver tasks but they continue on into a multi-part series. 

Are you a caregiver looking for a good source of information?  Please comment below and let us help connect you with resources!

POSTED ON: June 10 2014
Posted by:Su-Lauren Wilson owner,CFO
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