Maximize Your Precious Time the Easy Way

2 words: Shop Online.

Today we are all either moving too fast or not moving fast enough.  

How many times have you been in this scenario?


1. Get coffee, get to work, get groceries bought, put the baby to bed, and OH NO.  You forgot to buy diapers and wipes didn't you?

2. Get coffee, take dad to the doctor, then take him to the pharmacist, then take him to get those adult incontinence supplies that he really needs.  Where am I going to find that all in 1 day? First Quality® Prevail® Underwear for Women

3. Get coffee, check in with the head nurse, grab your home health case files for the day, drive to this house, drive to that house, drive back to the office, drive home.  You forgot to put a reorder in for catheter supplies.


No matter why you are shopping or for whom, at some point or another, we can all use a reliable website, open 24/7/365, to deliver our discount medical supplies.  Safe and secure websites, like Finnegan Medical Supply, are all over the internet.  You have probably shopped from several of them before and not thought twice about it.

Bardia® Silicone Elastomer Latex Foley CatheterWebsites like Amazon, Sephora, J Jill, Chico's, L.L.Bean all offer the same quality of experience that we do, but just different products.  

If you need your products shipped UPS fast and with a tracking number- shop Finnegan Medical Supply.

If you need customer service always available to you either live through LiveChat, by telephone at 1-855-879-2366, or by email at shop us.

If you know exactly what you want or you don't have a clue about what you need- shop Finnegan Medical Supply.

While we have discount and coupon codes floating all over the internet (register an account, signup for our newsletter, Like our Facebook page, Twitter specials, and etc. etc.), we are not just a selling machine.  

Our team of employees is here to make you feel special, understood, and appreciated.  We provide you with adapted and unique health information every day through our social media outlets and this blog.

We work to bring you the latest and the greatest products that you need and that are not covered by your insurance program.  You don't have to look any further to get your bases covered.TheraHoney™ Wound Gel

We don't just carry supplies for adults because we understand that wholesale medical supplies are designed for all ages and genders.  Pick up diapers for your grandbaby and for yourself.  Our discreet shipping means no one will ever know!

So ask yourself: Are you living your best life yet?  If not, let us help.  

Finnegan Medical Supply.

POSTED ON: May 29 2014
Posted by:Su-Lauren Wilson owner,CFO
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