Keeping Your Dignity with Modern Medical Supplies

A regular question in the medical supply world is "Are these products discreet?"  The fact that you need to use certain products, like incontinence pull-ups, catheters, compression garments, etc. is nobody's business but your own and the modern medical supply company recognizes this and has responded with tons of new features to keep your dignity and the rest of the world none the wiser.  These products are ideal for consumers on the go but work for any person in the home, or not.

One of the biggest fields to make major changes is incontinence.  Many products are designed now to look and sound more discreet than ever before.  Products are thinner in the waist and hips to look and feel more like real underwear, while technology advances have made the pad part work harder without necessarily being thicker.  Products are thinner in part thanks to advances in the materials.  While still made of paper, incontinence products feel more like cloth, while still being disposable.  They are softer on the skin, more discreet, and still have the technology to breathe keeping the skin healthy while being covered. 

Catheters have also come a long way.  No longer do you need to reuse catheters or even necessarily carry around long catheters in bulky packaging.  All catheters are disposable now, for health and safety reasons, and many are available in compact packaging that fit in a pocket or purse.  Another big advancement in catheter products for men and women are the packaged self-lubricating catheters.  These are ideal for the consumer on the go as you don't need to carry separate lubrication jelly in order to safely use your catheter.  The fewer products you have to carry in your day-to-day, the more confidence and dignity you will have leaving you the freedom to live your life the way you want.

Manufacturers and medical supply companies are working to provide more stylish options as well.  Good examples of this are compression garments, canes, and other aids to daily living (ADLs).  More and more compression garments are being made in various colors and cuts in order to look less like a medical supply and more like a clothing item.  Canes and other ambulatory items are now available in various colors, woods, and textures, so you aren't stuck with the old-fashioned chrome.  They even make back packs to contain, and hide, round-the-clock feeding pumps so the consumer, be it adult or child, doesn't have to feel ostracized or different.

It's a new world out there for medical supplies.  No longer are people who need medical supplies necessarily home bound, deemed an invalid, or brushed aside.  Every consumer out there has access to options that can help them get back on their feet out in the world. 

POSTED ON: September 18 2012
Posted by:Su-Lauren Wilson owner,CFO
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