It's 2014. What is going on in Healthcare?

We all know that the American healthcare landscape has changed vastly in the last few years.  These changes were put into place long before the Affordable Care Act but many have been finally implemented along with the Affordable Care Act as a way to help the US government, Medicare, Medicaid, and you, the private citizen, save money.  Some of these changes are good for the country's budget but bad for the people.  Some of the changes are good for the people but bad for the budget.  The way you see it does not have to be based on how you vote.     


You will have less choices and options on how you can get your discount medical supplies and from where.

Medicare is getting the most changes.  While Medicare is still around, still funded, and still providing the elderly with the most basic and fundamental of medical devices, as you can read here, there are still going to be many cuts and changes.  You will have less choices and options on how you can get your discount medical supplies and from where.  You will have less choices in what type of medical device you can get.  You will have more restrictions on how much of a certain supply you can get strictly based on your medical records and stated needs.


Folding Walker with 5 inch Wheels and Dual Button Release by Nova Medical


For example:  If you take an oral medicine or do not use insulin to control your diabetes, Medicare will only pay for the diabetic strips for you to check your blood once a day.  If you take insulin, you are allowed the strips to check three times a day.  Medicare must have pertinent, annual records stating your diabetes, the cause, the progress notes from the doctor, and any and all other medications you take.  You, the patient, must keep log books of every time you check your blood and the test results.  Medicare, due to competitive bidding, pays so little to the supplier for these diabetic testing products, compared to the high cost, that the supplier has to mail you a generic meter and strips.  You no longer get to choose your diabetic meter. 


These changes are frustrating to us all.  Currently along with diabetic testing supplies, oxygen and respiratory, enteral feeding and nutrition, walkers and mobility products, CPAP products, among eventually everything, will be restricted in choice.  If you want what you want, you will have to buy your medical supplies yourself and discount medical supplies are hard to find if you don't know where to look.  Find a reputable wholesale medical supplier.  Look at product reviews.  Ask questions of their customer service.  If you have to pay for these products out of your own pocket, and based on the severity and restrictiveness of these new rules, many people will, you want to make sure you shop with a company that sells to the individual, the doctor's office, and the nurse's association like we do.

POSTED ON: April 08 2014
Posted by:Su-Lauren Wilson owner,CFO
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