Incontinence Issues in Public

Just because you suffer from incontinence issues, doesn’t mean you have to worry at work or in public.  There are many incontinence products that offer varying levels of protection against leaks and spills while being discreet.  Most women find assurance in a bladder pad, which can vary in thickness from thin for stress incontinence (from sneezing for example) to very thick.  Men may like the feel of a pull-up that feels more like men’s briefs.  Either way, all of these products can be used by either sex so do not feel like something won’t work for you just because of how it’s marketed.

There are many online chat and support groups for people who have all levels of incontinence.  These are great places for tips on how to handle frequent bathroom breaks with your HR department, what to do in case you get caught without a backup plan, and they also offer the human support of other people who suffer while keeping your anonymity if you need it.  The internet is a great place to see videos and diagrams of the newest incontinence product technology as well as showcasing many online retailers.

Incontinence products have come a long way in the last 10 years.  Sometimes it’s a matter of finding a product’s manufacturer online and requesting a free sample to really see just how absorbent and comfortable most of the products are now, not just the most high-end ones.  Granted, like with most things, you get what you pay for, but even this is not a deal breaker.  And sometimes, with the new levels of absorbency, you may find you don’t even need a top product to meet your needs.

POSTED ON: August 30 2012
Posted by:Su-Lauren Wilson owner,CFO
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