Incontinence and the Male Bladder: Helpful Products

Incontinence.  Bladder Leaks.  Dribble.  All of these problems occur to both men and women at birth and, we expect, not again until old age.  But what about the years in between?  As a mom, I know what havoc pregnancy and the postpartum months wreak on your bladder and pelvic floor.  But what about men?  Most men don’t give a second thought to a leaky bladder until they experience problems first hand.

Dana Jennings’s New York Times editorials open up the male POV of life with prostate cancer, and its recovery, in a truthful but non-medical way that’s easy to understand.  It’s often understood that women will experience bladder leaks at some point in their life, but men don’t often talk about it as often, or when they do, it’s done at hushed levels.  Jennings brings these topics out in the open while explaining some of the ins and outs.

In this particular blog post, Jennings doesn’t go into the specifics of male incontinence supplies as he does about his feelings on needing them.  Male guards, or male specific bladder pads, are mentioned, as well as baby wipes and ointments.  All of these products are available in our Incontinence supplies section, but let’s talk about why you might need them. (Want to talk with a real person? Give us a call at 855-879-2366.

If you are suffering from urine leaks suddenly, you should make an appointment with your doctor.  These symptoms should not be taken lightly.  In the meanwhile, there are several products that can help you get by.  The male guards are a triangular shaped pad with the majority of the pad at the front of the groin instead of between the legs.  This is more comfortable and secure for men who have occasional, small leaks. TENA Guards for Men are a great product to start with.  If you are experiencing larger voids unexpectedly or total loss of bladder control, I suggest you look into a disposable brief or disposable pull-up until your situation is remedied.  These will hold more urine if needed, providing you with greater ease.

Baby wipes, too, are a thing of the past, because now there are larger, adult wipes, with skin conditioners and easy to open containers if you have had an accident.  Portable packaging make them easier and more discreet to carry around than a large package of baby wipes. These TENA UltraFlush wipes are a good choice.  Luckily too, most ointments aren’t necessary unless you are having complete loss of bladder control and you aren’t able to change yourself or have someone help you.  The ointments protect the skin from breakdown after long exposure to urine.

Guys, what have you found to be the most helpful product for incontinence issues?  Be sure to comment below. 

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POSTED ON: November 29 2013
Posted by:Su-Lauren Wilson owner,CFO
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