In Home Care or a Nursing Home?

This question will undoubtedly be asked by most of us in the course of our lifetime.  Deciding a loved one’s care is not an easy task as there are both pros and cons to either side.  Take into consideration your individual family’s needs and monetary situation and try not to compare your personal situation with anyone else’s.  While not an easy task, looking at all sides will help make the decision easier.

There are many pros to having a loved one stay in their own home or your home.  Being around familiar belongings or in a familiar setting makes the person more comfortable.  They can have an easier time by not having to remember anew the room or house around them when they wake up.  Keeping a routine can be very helpful for someone who will stay at home.  A part-time or live in nurse or aid may be necessary to prevent accidents or injuries, as well as to keep the person sanitary.  This can be costly and depending on the level of care the person needs, it may not be enough.  Medical supplies will have to be brought in or shipped to the home.  Even if the supplies are basic incontinence supplies like diapers, someone will need to be there to help the person receive the packages, open them, and put them on.  Talk with the director of the agency where the nurses are employed.  They have seen these situations hundreds of times over and can better answer your most direct questions.

Moving a person into a nursing home is another option.  Here a person will have full time care, round the clock, and the price is included into the cost of living there.  Medical supplies are all provided by the nursing home so there will be no worry of shipments being delayed or lost.  Sometimes patients at the nursing home will even have a roommate to keep them company.  Visitation hours are set and usually the home will offer programs and special meals during holidays, for example.  All these seem like nice amenities but do come at a varied price depending on the home.  If your loved one is not in need of complete nursing home care, assisted living could be an alternative.  Some people feel nursing homes have a stigma attached to them that loved ones are often dumped there to be taken care by someone else.  It really all depends on the home.  Visit with the director of the nursing home, if you are considering one, and see what is right for you, your family, and most importantly, your loved one.

POSTED ON: August 29 2012
Posted by:Su-Lauren Wilson owner,CFO
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