Improving Safety in Your Home: A Room by Room Guide

June is national safety month and we have created a room by room guide to keep you safe while living at home.

Apply this list to your own home or use it as a guide for improving the safety in your loved one's home.

Aging at home is the number one goal for most Baby Boomers and Seniors.  Achieve this, with peace of mind for the family and caregiver, by following these safety steps.

The Bathroom

Carex® Composite Bathtub Transfer BenchMost accidents happen in the bathroom.  Slipping in water, spills, falls all can occur when water is and is not present.  Installing non-skid bath safety products is an easy first step.

-Apply non-skid surface grips to any moveable item in the bathroom and to the floors of the tub/shower.
-Install grab bars into the walls near the tub and toilet. 
-Use a toilet seat riser or toilet frame for stability.
-Use a shower chair or tub transfer bench.
-Install a shower sprayer with an 8 foot reach.
-Set the water heater at 120 degrees or lower to prevent scalding.

The Bedroom

Falls are a big threat in the bedroom.  Falling out of bed while sleeping, falling out of bed while getting out of bed, and tripping on rugs or carpet all occur in the bedroom. 

-Blunt sharp corners on furniture with rubber tips.
-Remove rugs that slide or apply grips to the underside.
-Use bed rails to prevent rolling out of bed and to assist you when you sit up and get out of bed.
-Lower the height of your bed.Healthcraft™ Smart-Rail™ for Box Spring and Mattress Beds

Medicine and Cleaning Supplies

If you take medication daily, it's hard to think you would ever forget a dose, but we all know this happens all the time.  A pill organizer prevents you from forgetting if you took your pills yet or not.  It also prevents you from double dosing or mixing up your pill bottles.  Pill organizers with alarms remind you when it's time to take a dose if you have several doses in a day. 

Cleaning supplies can be dangerous if not stored correctly.  Make sure to store your cleaning products in a dark, locked cabinet, away from sunlight.  Never mix chemicals or cleaners to make them more potent.  We recommend using green cleaners, as they are cleaner for the environment, but also less toxic to humans and pets.  If you have trouble reading the labels, ask someone to draw symbols, that you choose, onto the bottle.  You won't need reading glasses to see a picture of a Window with a Sun to know that is glass cleaner.

No matter how you store your medications and cleaners, always keep them locked away from children.  Children are into everything and could mistake colored pills for candy or colored cleansers for juice.  Never tell children that medicines are candy and if you have children over, make sure the number for poison control is handy.

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POSTED ON: June 25 2014
Posted by:Su-Lauren Wilson owner,CFO
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