The Evolution of Incontinence Protection

If you've ever changed a baby's diaper, you’ve probably shuddered at the thought of putting an adult incontinence product on yourself. Especially if the last baby diaper you changed was in the 1980s! Both baby and adult disposable diapers used to be made of rough, uncomfortable paper. They were bleached and treated with harsh chemicals to absorb and repel. They were loud, and they were rough on sensitive skin. Luckily, that is no longer the case!

The outer edges of incontinence pads, underwear, and briefs used to have latex in the ruching (the bunched up edges to make them fit the legs better), which caused skin breakdown in many people who were allergic to latex (and may not have even known it). The outer material was coarse and rough, which made the products loud, lumpy, stiff, and uncomfortable.vintage-incontinence-products

The lining also left much to be desired. The old linings were usually single- to double-ply, made only of paper pulp, and could barely absorb a tablespoon of liquid. The products leaked, dripped, ripped, disintegrated, and fell apart. Talk about a disaster. I wouldn't blame anyone for not putting up with that! Incontinence supplies have come a long way, like many medical supplies, in that the manufacturers have heard people’s demands for a more quality product and thus, a higher quality of life. Men and women no longer have to settle for what's on the store shelves, as, let's face it, the store is going to carry a minimum range of brands and qualities in their incontinence products, and they are definitely not going to carry many varieties of bariatric supplies. 

People must go to the internet, where you can get not just what's on the shelf at the time, but any specialty medical supplies for men and women's individual needs.

So what are the new advances in incontinence products?

These days, the products are pretty astonishing. There is no latex to be found anywhere in a quality incontinence product. The outer layers are more form-fitted and designed to look like regular underwear. The adhesives in the outer layers keep the pads in place and the diapers tabbed shut. The interior fillers are made of a mix of cotton, bamboo, and paper pulps in various combinations. These materials are not only more absorbent, but they help reduce odors too.

Incontinence products have also been designed to fit your body better than before. Styles come in trim-fitting panties to boxer-short style to incontinence pads that are thinner but still more absorbent that the old-fashioned thick pad all women dread. Take a look at these Prevail Curve Ultimate Absorbency Pads. They're much more streamlined and comfortable than what they used to be.

While needing an incontinence product might seem like a major pain in the you know where, developments in these products have made it not so bad, and at least made it where you don't have to worry when you are wearing one, so you can get on with your life. People expect to be able to wear an incontinence product and go about their ordinary lives, and rightly so. These newer, trimmer, disposable underwear and adult diapers let you move about comfortably. You can exercise, work, date, enjoy time with friends and family, all without worrying about your next accident or fashion faux-pas.

SuLauren Wilson is the founder of Finnegan Medical Supply, an online medical supply store based in Little Rock, Ark. She blogs regularly on issues affecting the company’s patients. Although, she has many years of experience in the healthcare industry, she is not a licensed medical professional, and the content of her posts should not be considered medical advice.

POSTED ON: April 16 2014
Posted by:Su-Lauren Wilson owner,CFO
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