Do I need Nutritional Supplements?

These days nutritional supplements are all the rage for people who are dieting or trying to improve their health, but did you know, nutritional supplements are also a great way to add calories to a diet for people who have trouble gaining or maintaining weight due to medical reasons.  You might not be able to chew and swallow whole food well or at all, or you might need calories added to your existing food without extra bulk.  Maybe you are diabetic or have a compromised immune system and special digestive needs.  All of these reasons are enough to look into adding nutritional supplements to your diet. 

Supplements come in a wide range of forms and, unless a patient it fed by a stomach or nasal tube, they are generally not covered by insurance.  This does not make them a frivolous purchase though, quite the opposite.  Supplements can greatly enhance one’s life by providing the nutrients you might not be getting from food.  They can be served as entire meal replacements, like Boost Liquid Drink by Nestle or Ensure Plus.  These products are designed to provide an entire meal’s worth of calories and nutrients for people who are either on the go for their meals or who need a liquid substitute for food.

There are also specialty supplements for those with compromised health, such as Ensure High Protein by Ross Products or Boost Plus Liquid Drink by Nestle.  These are designed for people who have special needs, such as bed-bound patients who might develop pressure sores or those who have immune health difficulties.  Products are also available just for children’s growth needs, like PediaSure or Nestle BOOST Pudding.  Many of these products can be served across age ranges, just be sure to check with your doctor first.  If you have a delicate digestive system or immune system, specialty supplements like Ensure Immune Health by Ross Products are available.  There are also a range of meal replacements for diabetic patients, such as Glucerna Shake by Ross Products.

Lastly, there are additives to your existing food or supplement that aid in digestion or swallowing.  This is very important for people who suffer from dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing.  Additives like SimplyThick Nectar or SimplyThick Honey are flavorless and make the liquid thick enough to swallow safely.  For people who need additional protein in their diet, a protein powder, like Nestle Resource Beneprotein Instant Protein Powder is an easy way to add that.  There are also formulas, like Scandishake  for people who simply can not gain weight, no matter the reason, and need to add calories.

So you see, nutritional supplements and meal replacements are a great way for you to add energy, through calories, to your life to keep you up and active.  They are fast and simple, can be kept refrigerated or not, and so make life easier.  Take under your doctor’s care and enjoy your best life!

POSTED ON: February 20 2013
Posted by:Su-Lauren Wilson owner,CFO
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