Determining the Quality of Incontinence Products: Briefs/Diapers

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(Please note that the products cited for examples below may not be available forever from the manufacturer and if this is the case, our customer service will gladly find you a comparable replacement.)

With thousands of options out there, it can be difficult to know what kind of quality of adult incontinence product you are getting without simply opening the package and finding out.  Many brands help both your comfort level and your pocketbook by offering tiers of quality in their products.  Some would call this a “Good, Better, Best” system.  We offer all ranges of quality and prices in our incontinence products and our customer service will be glad to help you find what you are looking for.

A “Good” means that a product will perform to expectation but not exceed expectations.  It will be comfortable and less expensive that other items by the brand but it might not offer all the bells and whistles of a “Better” or “Best” product.  An example of a “Good” incontinence adult brief/diaper is Covidien Wings Choice ™ Plus Briefs for Total Incontinence.  These briefs have an absorbent mat and are comfortable with leg gathers and tape tabs.  There is also a wetness indicator.  For the price, these are a good brief for those with heavy incontinence. 


A “Better” product will exceed expectations by usually offering more skin protection through breathability, wicking, or a stronger wetness absorber, while being more cloth-like and comfortable. An example in the same brand that is similar is the Covidien Wings ™ Choice Plus Quilted Briefs for Total Incontinence.  These briefs are more padded across the wings and the crotch giving more absorbency and breathability.  These also have tape tabs, leg gathers, and a wetness indicator.  The “Quilted” part is what makes these a “Better” product as it is gentler on the skin.



A “Best” product may cost more but have all the additions one could think of, and more, to make the product top of the line, best for the user, and easiest for the caregiver.  An example in this brand of a “Best” product would be Covidien Wings HL ™ 3D ™ Adult Brief Super Absorbency.  A dual-air system and high cut legs offer skin the most breathability and protection, as well as comfort.  The material is more cloth-like instead of crunchy as some paper pulp can feel.  It has reusable tabs for a perfect fit and easier checks.  And a super absorbent mat provides the highest level of dryness.


Any of these products are going to perform as needed to fight the symptoms of incontinence.  The real difference is that there may be additions or design differences that add on to the basic “Good” product.  These add-ons define the “Better” and “Best” products.  They are all designed to meet the needs of an incontinent person and all are workable options within your budget.

POSTED ON: January 10 2013
Posted by:Su-Lauren Wilson owner,CFO
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