Buying Incontinence Supplies Online Saves Face and Time

If you are looking for adult incontinence products, you will find them hard to come by in the brick and mortar world.  Sure a big box store will carry a few versions of pads and disposable underwear but the sizes will be limited and the selection of brands and absorbencies will definitely be limited.  They will not carry bariatric incontinence sizes, for example.  Because, for a brick and mortar store, it all comes down to inventory.  They are only going to stock what they sell and when it's something that doesn't sell too often, they aren't going to stock much.  This is common sense for them but what does that do for you, the consumer who needs a better bladder pad or who wants to buy in bulk and save money? 


Shopping online isn't for everybody.  Finnegan Medical Supply understands that and so we offer a Toll Free phone line (855-879-2366) and Live Chat option for all your questions.  Our website is 100% secure and we never store your credit card information, so you don't have to worry about hackers getting your information from us.  We have 2 secure ways to pay: our credit/debit card processor Stripe and Paypal, which can take a bank draft from your checking account, or a credit/debit card.

But in reality, you are probably very comfortable shopping online and so the technological side isn't what worries you.  You want to make sure you are getting what you need and fast.  You want to make sure the products you order are in stock.

You want discreet packaging so not everyone sees the box with ADULT DIAPERS printed across the package in large letters.  You don't have time to get in your car and drive to 3 different places, let alone take the bus, or have a caregiver go with you.  Shopping online for discount medical supplies is definitely the way to go. 

Good medical suppliers will also sell by the 1 each, package, or case, so you can test a product out, or only buy what you need.  And just like in a store, you can bundle your products with add-ons.  Unlike in a store, your incontinence add-ons can be the specialty barrier creams and wipes that you need. 


The easiest way to get the products for your incontinence needs is by taking our incontinence assessment. It will show you what products we recommend for your level of incontinence as well as give you the option of subscribing, so that your products come discretely to your door every month. 

If you shop Finnegan Medical Supply, or you shop somewhere else, make sure you are spending your money on what you truly want and need, not just what happens to be available. Give us a call for more help. 855-879-2366

POSTED ON: October 04 2017
Posted by:Su-Lauren Wilson owner,CFO
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