Buy Discount Medical Supplies: 4 Recommendations

The hardest part is to accept that you need help.

Maybe you've had the following thoughts:

  • You decided your home isn't as safe as you want it to be when you are alone.
  • You are the adult child to a parent who wants to live at home longer.
  • You can’t be a caregiver, but your loved one still needs the assistance.

What do you do and where do you start?

Firstly, kudos to you for picking safety and pre-planning over fear. It’s easier to twiddle our thumbs all day worrying about what we can and can’t afford than to actually take precautions. And, believe me,

buying a bath safety chair is much less expensive than replacing a hip.  

You know that your loved one needs some assistance in the home.

Having these medical supplies on hand and delivered straight to his/her door is the easy way. There is no figuring out who needs what? Who is driving to the store to get the incontinence supplies? Will the store have specialty products (probably not)? 

Go online and buy what you need. In today’s day and age, website shopping is secure (see the https on the web address bar), it’s easier (the Internet is open 24/7/365), and it gives you thousands of variations on any one theme (the Internet always has the color of walker that you want).

Maybe you are still hesitant. We Get It!

Here are 4 recommendations for buying wholesale medical supplies online:

1.  Is the online store secure? Do they show you security symbols at checkout? Is their web address https? Do they accept PayPal, or have an alternative credit card processor that is accredited (for example Stripe)? Do they have a visible return or refund policy?

2.  Does the website look updated? Does it look like business is performed regularly, or does it look like the “shelves” haven’t been dusted in 10 years? Do they have customer testimonials? Do they have product reviews? Is a phone number even offered, or is there a way to contact someone?

3.  Do the products show clear images? Are there images at all? Are you able to see all of the different colors or prints available, or do they just tell you a print is offered without showing it to you? Do the images match the products and descriptions?

4. And finally, what does your gut say? Does the website look reputable? Does it work when you try to checkout? Do you get the appropriate order confirmations and shipping confirmations emailed to you?

If you said NO to any of these 4 suggestions, please take a good, long look, and then move on.  

There are a thousand wholesale medical supply sites out there. You deserve to be served by one that will fulfill your needs quickly and securely. Finnegan Medical Supply is a reputable, online medical supply company ready to serve the continental USA. Please call our number today with any questions! 1-855-879-2366.

POSTED ON: September 12 2016
Posted by:Su-Lauren Wilson owner,CFO
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