Beating Overactive Bladder with Incontinence Pads

A recent study by the University of Helsinki, Finland, found that urinary urgency, or the feeling that in one minute your are fine and the next minute you are rushing to the toilet to urinate, is the largest complaint of both men and women from the adult population they studied.  This is probably not a surprise to anyone over 55, and while urgency might not happen to you every time you need to use the bathroom, for many people in your age group, it does.  

So what is urinary urgency exactly?  Urinary urgency, also called overactive bladder syndrome, is a pathological issue, or a function of the body that is not supposed to happen.  Humans are designed to make it to the toilet on time.  Age can slow us down, but in adults under 70, urgency issues can be symptoms of a larger problem.  It is always wise to bring up these issues to your doctor to ensure that they are not symptoms of a urological disorder.  But mostly urinary urgency, and the leaks and accidents that happen because of it, are just embarrassing.  But they don't have to be. TENA® Guards for MenTranquility Select® Personal Care Bladder Pads

We at Finnegan Medical Supply highly recommend wearing an incontinence pad if you have the occasional or regular urgency accident.  Today, adult incontinence products are designed with patient dignity as the most important aspect.  Bladder pads are thinner but more absorbent than ever.  They have designed incontinence products for men that are designed to fit men anatomically.  These are called male guards and come in a softness that will make you forget you have it on.  And women- all bladder pads are specifically designed for the liquid and odor absorption of urine.  Do not wear a feminine pad designed for menstruation.  It will not work the same. 

We understand that having these incontinence issues can come on suddenly and we want to help.  If you have any questions about the products we offer, or anything else on the market, don't hesitate to Live Chat with us or call at 1-855-879-2366.  And while you're shopping, use the coupon Incon10 for 10% off all Incontinence Supplies.

POSTED ON: March 21 2014
Posted by:Su-Lauren Wilson owner,CFO
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