Bariatric Surgery Improves Your Incontinence and Love Life

Obesity can come with dreadful side effects.  High blood pressure, type II diabetes, depression, and heart disease.  It causes urinary incontinence and impotency in men.  It causes fertility issues in women.  You need bariatric supplies like quad canes or motorized scooters just to get around.  There are so many side effects that it sparks quite a debate on social media on a regular basis.  Is it okay to choose to be obese?  Is it anyone's business?  Who's fault is it- the lack of fresh food in America or the individual who eats on the go one meal or more a day?  

Carex Bariatric Cane None of that helps you if you are obese, though, and if you are ready to make a change, read on.


Have you had enough of being obese?  Obese to the point that your quality of life is low or non-existent?  

We hope you consult with a doctor first.  Correct your diet and begin exercising because even losing 10% of your weight makes dramatic differences in your health.  It's the first goal set by many weight loss companies like Weight Watchers.  But what if you do everything right, and the weight doesn't come off quickly enough to represent how hard you are working or quickly enough to save your life?  Don't give up.  

As I wrote before, bariatric surgery options are plentiful depending on your needs.  So what will surgery do to improve your life?  


First thing, if you suffer from poor bladder control, you will eventually be rid of your incontinence supplies after you heal and lose the weight.  Obesity puts so much pressure and strain on our bodies.  The weight literally weighs our organs down, making it harder for them to perform.  If your muscle tone is poor as well, the muscles that hold these organs, like your bladder, up and in, start to sag.  All of these compound to make your body more and more incontinent as time goes on. First Quality® Prevail® Male Guards 


And if you haven't heard, incontinence and impotence go hand in hand in men.  If a man suffers from sexual dysfunction, it's likely that he also experiences issues with his bladder such as urgency.  Fat cells have been linked to estrogen production so if a person has an overabundance of fat cells, his or her body makes more estrogen naturally.  Every man has a little estrogen in him, just as every woman has a little testosterone in her, but our biology is set to only work with so much hormone.  


If fat cells produce or store their own estrogen, the overproduction of estrogen causes women and men to lose weight more slowly, be more sluggish, and deposit fat in certain areas like the stomach and chest.


Mini Mack Heavy Duty Rolling Walker by Nova MedicalLosing the weight through bariatric surgery, diet, and exercise will improve your hormonal balance and a noted, wonderful side effect of this is improved confidence on the street and in the bedroom.  A study shows that undergoing bariatric surgery improved sexual sensation and satisfaction in women.  They are working on the men's study now.  

While the results aren't completely understood yet, doctors think that improved self-image has a lot to do with it.  But think back to what I wrote a few paragraphs ago.  If too much estrogen makes one keep on weight and feel sluggish, and fat cells store estrogen, and bariatric surgery helps you lose fat and weight, could it be that the lower levels of estrogen are what's making women feel better in the bedroom?


It's an interesting thought.  While science works to catch up, what are your thoughts on bariatric surgery?  Are the positive outcomes worth the risk that all surgeries bring?

POSTED ON: April 24 2014
Posted by:Su-Lauren Wilson owner,CFO
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