A Room-by-Room Safety Guide for Your Home


Finnegan Medical Supply’s Guide to Safe Living at Home

If you are a baby boomer, a senior, or someone living with a disability, you want to live where you are most comfortable – your own home. The following guide features safety tips for the three most-lived-in areas of your home. Please, give yourself and your family members or caregiver peace of mind by following these safety guidelines.

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The Bathroom

Most accidents at home happen in the bathroom. Slipping in water, spills, and falls all can occur. Bathroom safety products and bathroom aids can drastically reduce your chances of having an accident.  

To improve safety in the bathroom:

• Buy non-skid surface grips and add them to any moveable item in the bathroom and to the floors of the tub/shower.

• Install grab bars near the tub and toilet.

• Use a toilet seat riser or toilet frame. 

• Use a shower chair or tub transfer bench.

• Install a shower sprayer with an 8-foot reach.

• Set the water heater at 120 degrees or lower.

The Bedroom

Falls and injuries commonly occur in the bedroom by falling out of bed while sleeping, losing your balance while getting out of bed, and tripping on rugs or carpet. With a few daily living aids, you can make your bedroom a much safer place.

To improve safety in the bedroom:

• Cover blunt sharp corners with rubber tips.

• Apply grips to the underside of rugs.

• Use bed rails to prevent falling out of bed and to give support.

• Lower the height of your bed.

The Kitchen

Falls occur in the kitchen, too, because most cabinets and counters are built too high or too low. Losing your balance, slipping while reaching for objects, and food prep injuries are all common.

To improve safety in the kitchen:

• Use a safety stool with non-skid feet when reaching. 

• Use a grabber or reacher to reach items. 

• Use food-prep safety gloves when cutting with a sharp knife.

• Tuck loose clothing in when cooking near a flame.

• Keep a mop handy to clean up liquid spills immediately.

Questions? Finnegan Medical Supply can answer all of your questions about safe living at home. Call us today, toll free, at 855-879-2366

SuLauren Wilson is the founder of Finnegan Medical Supply, an online medical supply store based in Little Rock, Ark. She blogs regularly on issues affecting the company’s patients. Although, she has many years of experience in the healthcare industry, she is not a licensed medical professional, and the content of her posts should not be considered medical advice.

POSTED ON: March 13 2015
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